Raw Material- The first process is we get our aluminum recycled already, and we have to request a certain thickness and certain softness.  After we receive our material, it is then cut down to a size that we'll begin our process of hand hammering or producing the pieces. 

Design- We'll come up with an idea for a design, draft it with pencil and paper, then we'll put the image in reverse for engraving. This whole design process is called Repoussé- where we hammer on the back side, while creating a raised relief on the front side.

In the making- We place the aluminum piece on top of the engraved design, held down by clamps, and now is ready to be hammered.  After the piece is hammered it is then taken to the shaping/trimming area to where it's final shape is determined. With the edges sanded, with skilled hand and eye coordination we hammer perfect elliptical marks all around the edges of each piece.


To make the design seem like it's "popping out" at you, that’s done by putting the hammered piece into a coal fire that will make each one dark black.  When the piece is nice and well darkened, it is then buffed off using a buffing wheel and a small amount of bees wax applied to the wheel to give the piece a little shine while retaining that "popping out" look.


Finish-After the buffing process we'll then take each piece to their respected form, a wooden form, form the piece using a rubber mallet hammering the piece until it shape is formed. After the piece gets formed we'll inspect it for flaws, then it's off to get priced and is now ready to be sold.